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Wainscoting on hallways showcase a luxurious, grand entrance to any home.

Traditional wainscoting on staircases complete the look of a home. In addition to hallways and living areas, stiarcases create a flow of provincial living throughout.

Traditional wainscoting can we installed in various areas of the home to highlight the beauty and elegance of its nature.

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High ceilings areas are the perfect places to get modern, contemporary panelling to accentuate those areas.

Floor to ceiling panelling is a definite eye catcher. 

Accent walls accentuate the length of a room by making it the focal point in the room. 

They also give the illusion of the room looking bigger.

Accent walls are a great feature to add to an area which seems bland to the eye.

Alongisde residential fitouts we also work alongside large volume builders and complete commercial fitouts.

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